28 October 2014

The Absolut event

We've been talking about it for weeks. The "it-Party" in Cyprus. The Absolut Party. And the description couldn't fit any better.

 Taking a look through the pictures made us realise how extraordinary the whole concept was. Entering the party, polaroid pictures of the guests were taken and were later found hanging around. There sure was a breeze of Warhol's era in the atmosphere. Colorful bright colors, whites strictly prohibited and what else? Our very own Warhol edition - Absolut. Yet another surprise was taking place in the event. Artist and Absolut ambassador Artemis Psathas, was putting the final touches to his piece, with the concept "It's all in our hands" . After all, it wouldn't have been a Warhol party without some mesmerizing art. And a lot of vodka, of course!

Having that said, a party is not a party if you don't have a little extra more fun! And as we had already mentioned, we could not attend the event - Duty calls! But our own people made sure we got all the extravagant vibes from the party!

And now, let's drink to the collaboration of the year: Andy X Absolut!

21 October 2014

Party Time

Are you ready for the biggest art and vodka party of the season?
The multicultural capital of the island, Nicosia, is going to host one of the greatest Artist ever. Andy Warhol. - at least spiritually.  

Who? What? I am talking ABSOLUTELY seriously. The revealing day of the new limited edition of ABSOLUT Vodka has come! (surely you already know what I am talking about, if not check previous post here). I am one of the few lucky people who got an invitation (jealous?) but the thing is, the host Andy Warhol was a little laconic and mysterious on its invitation. The only thing I know is that DJ Mighty Scoop is going to rock the decks and that white clothes are not the best choice.!! Vodka showers maybe???

Unfortunately because of the full-medical-student program, I cannot attend the event. But our own people will be there to have some fun and keep me&D updated for the details.

What is guaranteed is that flash, lights and cameras will POP from everywhere. 
Did I confuse you? Good. Keep that in mind and the mystery will be revealed really soon - I'll post pictures, PROMISE.


19 October 2014


In the middle of a month called October - refers in Autumn - is still warm enough for riverside walks. 
“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.” and golden sun rays  reflect in the waters of the city which looks at it's best. I guess I am in love with beautiful Cologne more and more every day.

I couldn't wait more to polish  my last years leather booties and match it with -again&again- leather classic pants. And because all these sound too edgy, a blazer in earthy palette avoided the rock-star look.  But still, I felt a bit like a rock-star and surely I got those moves. 

Sundays. People can take a breath and wait for what's next. 
I wish you a great rest of this SUNday and a great new week :)

-Eraklia x

Blazer : H&M
Top : Forever21
Pants : ZARA
Boots : ZARA
Bag: StellaMcCartney

10 October 2014


Welcoming Autumn and Winter has been a "rasch" -as we say abrupt- process. No need to tidy up the oversized sweaters, scarfs and boots. The airplane brought me from Summer to Winter-Land in just 4 hours. Awesome?
Before leaving CY weather was still hot, and as a Greek I enjoyed every sun-ray. Wearing my black sunnies. However, the colour palette is still dark - since forever.
The role of "Breaking the Black" had my favourite kimono (which by the way I wear with a belt for a cosier look) and my new (heavy) neckpiece from Zara. And don't forget the Falabela.

'till the next post!
love and peace

Ph. Andreas Chrysostomou

Sunnglasses - Cheap Monday
Kimono - H&M
Top - ZARA
Trousers - H&M
Boots - ZARA
Bag - Stella McCartney
Necklace - ZARA 
Rings - MariaChara / DTziapoura / H&M

07 October 2014

Take Andy Home

How would you feel If you could take your very own Warhol home or even better create your own Warhol? Well, we've got news for you! Now you can! This crazy Absolut project (see latest post here) continues to surprise us with its fresh, innovative ideas and unlimited creativity. Two concepts were created, one for the all the nightlife lovers(or more simply put: party-animals) out there, the "Warhol Spirit by Absolut". And one for the Art-lovers, the "Andy Warhol Art Excange by Absolut" which invites people to join this super party and to create their own art.

1986. This was the year, that marked Absolut, by collaborating for the first time with an artist - not ANY artist- and creating an original artwork. Andy has always been a Vodka-lover, or to be more precise, an "Absolut"-lover which inspired him into creating art for his favourite drink. Following Andy's steps, thousands of cutting edge artists, such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois, Annie Liebovitz -  and more recently Spike Jonze, Swedish House Mafia and Icona Pop, have since put their own unique and artistic touch in collaborating with the brand.

  Andy made way for Keith Haring to create the second ad for the brandRevisiting this collaboration with Warhol, Absolut believes in this collaboration as a manifest to creativity and art. Let's not forget that the original Absolut Warhol painting is being displayed in a museum.

What more can we say about this collaboration? Only, that it simply doesn't stop to amaze us and one thing is for sure. You should definitely expect  to hear more from us! In the meantime, let's just go get wasted on works of art!

Enjoy responsibly,