10 May 2015


This is how I am dressed the most of my life. Comfy jeans (I prefer the black than the blue-jeans), a t-shirt and a leather jacket. I guess at some point I started considering the look as boring, but after some time I really missed my simple, cool look.
Of course, details are part of the "party". I love layering and I am still learning how to do it right -trust me, it is not as easy as Leandra Medine makes it look like.

I got this long vest from "Weekday" some months ago, but never gave it a "go", maybe because it looks like my medical uniform. Still love it! Long vests in every colour (meaning black, white, grey and may some burgundy) is a great add to every wardrobe. And yaas, I left my favourite sneakers at home after a long time and replaced them with some Oxford shoes. 
Ps. I can't wait to wear my sandals again. 

The truth is that year by year my distance to colours becomes bigger and bigger but I kind of enjoy it. It's like being silent in a noisy crowd. 
Minimal does not mean insignificant. Instead, it's the most significant of them all. Every single detail counts on the monochromatic and neutral palette and every detail makes difference.

In the end, what colour you wear is the same, unless you like it . It is all about aesthetics. It doesn't matter what you wear, but how.

Leather - Zara/ Vest - Weekday/ Necklace - Choies/ Earrings - Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Trousers - Zara/ Shoes - Topshop / Sunglasses - Valley Eyewear (X-eyes Shop)

05 May 2015

Have you found your magic slipper yet?

Yesterday, I was reading an article about the "in & out shoes of the season". As I was reading, my eyes "ripped" the sentence "Super-high stilettos are out". It was enough to close the window. 

It is not that I am a stiletto fan. I don't even remember the last time I wore classic stilettos and I don't even know if I still have some. But there is one thing that I respect about those shoes. The women wearing them! Because is a big feat, better said a huge deed, to manage walking, standing or dancing in those shoes. There are linked with the term "femininity" and women never go out of fashion.

So after that, I decided not to do a new "IN and OUT" List but whisper "Screw you fashion". What I did, is a list οf some outstanding and some of my favourite shoes, my personal view and taste on that issue. Don't worry, no Crocs included! So here we go with a list named "My Magic Slippers".

The only thing I should say is, "There are no rules".

Fashion Sneakers
Gladiators & Lace Up Shoes
Fashion Platforms

22 April 2015

Easy Days

Even that the temperatures here in Germany are gradually going up day by day and it's getting really HAWT, I got some photos wearing really warm and fringed clothes. Don't blame me. Weather is playing tricky games! 

So, here is a second post from my trip in beautiful Innsbruck where obviously it was a bit colder, so   (I warn you there are TOO MANY ADJECTIVES FOR THIS JACKET) my perfect, favourite, bohemian-like, fringed, wool jacket, was keeping me warm! 

And here is the question of the day. Do I have the Russian-girl look? :p

Jacket - Superstore Cologne/ Trouser - Zara/ Necklaces - Maria-Chara Jewelry/ Shoes - Isabel Marant/ Head piece - H&M

16 April 2015

Innsbruck Diaries

As a kid, I denied to go skiing with my family. My excuse was that I hated snow. I never said it out loud but the truth is that I was afraid of falling. 

My first Ski trip was a scary and at the same time a very exciting experience. I never believed I could overcome my fear of falling down and especially, manage to get up - even if I was in pain! 
But when you see 5 year old kids skiing down the hills like professionals and have the guts to go faster and faster, then you just have to try it. *No cowards accepted.

Except the adrenalin part, when you are surrounded from the white scenery, the only thing you can't help do is relaxing. At least it worked for me. The blue of sky combined with the white view, made me literally "forget the world" - of course good company played the most important role. It was like I was lost into a magic white story where everyone was having fun.  It may be that I am used to the sun and sea and sand. My kind of elixir. But that different kind of vacation, was like a new pleasant scent, that for a Mediterranean girl is not to be forgotten. 

Besides, Innsbruck is one of the prettiest places I've been:)
I highly recommend you to put it in your plans! 
Bisous x

08 April 2015


When I am home, I always but always visit the old city. For many people may not be THE place to visit, but for me, is  a tradition. I cannot explain what exactly magnetizes me. It's a place that can affect me in many ways, relax me when I am hella stressed, refill my batteries with some good vibes. A fusion city, for a fusion girl.
-That's me being emotional. Period. -

Here are some photos taken with my phone, walking in the streets the city I was born, Nicosia.This beautiful yet chaotic city.

Untill the next destination! x

Sunglasses - Valley Eyewear (X-eyes-Shop) / Necklaces - MariaChara Jewlry / Leather Jacket -  ZARA / Dress - ZARA / Shoes - Isabel Marant