26 March 2015


There are some days that all I want is to wear my favorite fedora hat and feel like an Italian. BUT most of those days is more likely to leave the house without taking the hat with me!

Weather can be every fashionista worst friend -except if you are Kristina Bazaan and you can wear a crop top in -10. Where I live, sun doesn't happen every day. Raining is the most common phenomenon and as I am not an umbrella kind of person, my hat will get killed. So for rainy days - No thanks.

Where I was born, sun is a part of our life, is an ingredient that completes us. Now that I am back in Sunny Land, hat happens. :)

Blazer: H&M (similar here)
Trousers: Custom Made by Pavlina Evgeniou
Shoes: Sante
Hat: H&M
Necklace: Fashion makes me happy

27 February 2015


From Maya to Erika, Isabel Marant to Altuzarra, the fringe game is strong. 
As an old secret admirer of the this trend (believe it or not, I do have many  fringed stuff in my wardrobe), I have picked for you my favourite selection of pictures, which btw you can find on my pinterest and tumblr as well. ENJOY!

Photos from my Pinterest and Tumblr accounts

11 February 2015

Thursdays' daydream

Laying in a room full of candles and scents of jasmine and levanter, totally out of the mood to learn more enzymes and words that include any carboxyl or hydroxyl, I dream of vacations and clean waters. Somewhere with jasmine and levanter, exotic and relaxing, purple and white. And then the reality interrupts my daydream. Period.

It's not snowy anymore - that doesn't erase "icy cold" - so I am mixing and matching leather, heels and ethnic prints.

A pale blue candle named "caribbean sunshine" takes fire. I guess now, I am a bit closer to my bohemian sunny dream.

Poncho: H&M (similar)
Pants: Zara
Heels: Sante
Necklace: Fashion Makes Me Happy

26 January 2015

20 January 2015


Long time no heard. That happens when exams are out the door and you are still on vacay mood. Ok, I am finally done -but not for long- with my bone-breaking exams and I am trying to write the first post of this year. First thing: I need holidays again. And a lot of sleep.

Afterwards, Why does January last so long? I am ready (already) for Spring Season -even if I haven't worn my winter clothes yet. And then, it's Fashion-Week Period again. Meaning: I am gonna spend my days watching all the shows and streetstyles from..the internet. Crap! And finishing my monologue I come back to my point. I have a lot of stuff -meaning studying- until Spring. Then you can wake me up.
On the break: I have some photos from my holiday in Cyprus.

Au revoir I will be back sooon!

Coat: Topshop/ Trousers: Pavlina Evgeniou / Heels: Sante