30 September 2014

ABSOLUTely a Vodka Party!

As loyal alcoholics we could not miss the vodka news. Our favourite Absolut Vodka announced the release of its limited Andy Warhol edition bottle. In case you're wondering what it is, reimagining the original Absolut Warhol advertise from 1986, describes it best. We are just few hours away from the big event in New York for the grand release of the Warhol bottle, where technology never stops to amaze us. In which way is art combined with technology? Simply, artists will "record" the voice of the legend Andy using Electromagnetic Voice, translating it to visual effects and original music.
As a lifestyle blog, we can only but support this crazy and creative idea (so tonight we are drinking our fav vodka celebrating).

Andy's madness has created a new world of art with his genius and genuine ideas. And this limited edition bottle is an ABSOLUT piece of art.  As he said "An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have."
So I guess this limited bottle is created not only for the art lovers and Andy's fans, but for all the people -like us(oops!)- who can't find a logic in it. Which is exactly what art is.

Absolut will make this years nightlife have a new aura, something different, something geniusly mad, something "Pop-Art". Write the date. October 1. Let's see what happens.

Until then,

TOPSHOP - Winter Shopping List

Winter Shopping List!
One of the things that come to my mind as I started packing for Germany's cold weather. After the long-lasting summer, I have nothing to wear - AGAIN. So while I was exploring some online websites, I found some TOP treasures. Here is my picks from TOPSHOP for this season.

Eraklia's speaking.

If interested to know the price or to shop any of the items, just click on the picture. I made it simple for you :)

Topshop - Lässiger Boyfriend-Mantel mit Mohair - Flieder

Topshop - Krepp-Kimono mit Satin-Rückenteil - Schwarz

Topshop - Jet Jumpsuit Von Motel - Rot
Topshop Strawberry Kats Bustierkleid
Topshop - Gebleichte, ausgefranste MOTO Hayden Jeans - Stone Gebleicht

Topshop - Halskette mit Fangzahn-Halbedelstein - SchwarzTopshop - Halskette mit cremeweißen Halbedelsteinen

Topshop Sweater mit Nieten

Topshop - Armspange mit violettem Halbedelstein

Topshop - Leder-Beuteltasche mit Krokoprägung - SchwarzTopshop - Große Tasche aus Leder und Wildleder - Tomate

Topshop - TIPI Skaterschuhe in Kroko-Optik - SchwarzTopshop - **iPhone 4-Hülle von Skinnydip - Transparent

25 September 2014


Colours were an exclusive past issue. Black is the cool colour, which means no pinks, no patterns, just monochromatic, chromophobic and silent. Because it's much more difficult to stand out in black, but a real woman who can be powerful and confident in it, "ensnares" the looks without much effort.

And for those who will call me 'lazy' about that #ootd, I declare guilty. We are not always to the right dress up mood, right? Besides, it was just a bonding day with an old friend, some chit-chat, a walk at the park nearby our hood. Photos came out extremely sporty and energetic - or is it just me? , I guess because of the sunny weather. Autumn weather, please come soon!

Kind Regards,
a girl from the sunland.

Sunglasses : Cheap Monday (Xeyes Shop)
Basic Top : Zara
Trousers : H&M (similar here)
Sneakers : New Balance (here)
Necklaces : Givenchy / Six
Rings : H&M / Primark (similar here)

20 September 2014


The last girly and playful colour I wore, was something between black-blue-&-white. But Despina was like "Pink suits you" when she saw it on me, so here is the pinky post for you my pinky friends.

At the moment, I am chilling in Cyprus which means : I still go to the beach, enjoy my evenings with great cocktails, do whatever I want and have nothing important in mind. In the meantime, I take a look at the shows of the fashion weeks all over the world.

About that dress? As I was looking for an off shoulder dress, I found this one at AXPARIS and it fits -Obviously LOL- perfectly to my body shape . Of course there were more colour choices but "why not?". For like 3 months the answer was kinda "Νο", not because of the dress but because of me and my prejudices with pink. In the end I dared (and it feels good).

Apparently, I cannot hide my enthusiasm about Autumn weather; my favourite ankle booties complete the look. Now all I am waiting for is winter shopping and I've already started my "Wish List". Have you? 

Until next time, 

Dress - AxParis
Blazer - H&M (similar here)
Ankle boots - Zara  (similar here and here)
Sunglasses - Cheap Monday from X-eyes
Rings - MariaChara / Be-Snazzy / Primark
Bracelets - Cruciani / Silver all from DTziapoura

15 September 2014

One show, leather love #LFW1

Like the last two seasons, even If I won't recap any other show, J.W.Anderson is a must.
This year the collection seemed to me more wearable than the latest ones, but still with a dose of surrealism and challenge-fashion.
Leather couldn't miss the show. Anderson combined with his magical way the material in strict nautical looks and the result looked divine - see the huge fisherman hats and the gloves.
Except leather, the knitted dresses, which "are meant to look like towelling" looked very feminine and of course the huge buttons were eye catching. The abstracted collection with leather midi-lenght wrap skirt and blouses, sailor pants with golden buttons and slight flare, sculpted tops and feminine dresses, pleased not only the Anderson fans who attended the #LFW but also the 'followers' of Loewe.


Photos from Vogue Style.com