08 December 2014

Comfort Zone

Sees sun, runs out the house. This is how I work. 
But the bipolar winter weather works kind of trickier: Sun-less sun-clouds-here comes the rain!
It's indeed time for parka in the sunny morning but in the evening it's damn icy cold. 

Bingo! Layering game is on. 
Firstly, there is nothing comfier than your favorite sweater - in my case white and V-Neck is equal to "I wanna wear you again and again". And then.. it's a choice between jacket, coat or parka. 
As I am trying to pick one up, I decide to leave the house with a WARM leather jacket (fur on the inside) AND my COSY parka. 
End of the game! and the winner is the one who thought out of the damn box.

Because speaking about clothes, the answer is NO, I am not ready to get out of my comfort zone!

Poncho: ZARA (here)
Leather Jacket : ZARA (similar here / other alternatives here & here)
Sweater : H & M (here)
Pants: True Religion (similar here)
Sneakers: Isabel Marant (similar here)

02 December 2014


Let's all together say out loud THANK YOU to the fashion industry for that.
And as the German and Dutch Girls are waiting for the 'snowstorm' and trying to find something cosy, warm and stylish (Yes, there is such a thing) a long poncho gives an answer.Who needs a sweater now? A whole new modern generation of knitted and not only ponchos, inspired from the most bohemian to the South American ones, are now available to your nearest shop - and if you're bored to leave the house, just click on some ideas that I picked for you: Nude, Greys, Classic, so that you will not regret them! 

Now, bye cause it's blanket time.

ana alcazar Strickjacke Nanilea 40       Marc OPolo Strickcape aus Wollmix grau NEXT Next Poncho grau      ESPRIT Offener Strickmantel schwarz BEST CONNECTIONS Strickjacke beige      S.OLIVER Offener Mantel in Egg Shape  grau Superdry Norweger-Cardigan Fjord Tassle beige      MANGO MANGO Mantel aus Woll-Mix schwarzCinque Softer Poncho schwarz    VILA Eggshape Mantel ‘Houndstooth schwarz/weiss

24 November 2014


I met Christiana from some common friends some years ago. Since then, she still stands out for her different style but especially for her really good vibes. She started her studies in fashion design in Italy, but in the end she graduated from the Interior and Industrial Design Department in Academia Italiana in Florence. She came back in Cyprus where she is currently working at the family business, Limniotis ltd.
Her love for fashion overcame, so today she presents us her first unique handmade masterpieces made from wood, with the name FABWOOD.

"This idea come up last September from some makeshift sketches that I have drown." she told us. So this is how this smart idea was born, and what followed was that she tried to give those sketches a "breath" with an amazingly satisfactory result, which was a good motivation to keep on creating new designs with a lot of passion and excitement. Besides, the hard work and the love, shows on the unique and impressive result. Oh yes, I am #bagcrushed.

Accessories are the little secrets that can transform a boring and common look. And there's no woman who doesn't love bags, especially when they are one of a kind and so special.

Find them on facebook here!

10 November 2014


While I was looking at the photos of the last photo shot with Natasa, I was thinking that I will never manage to look like the elegant girls of those big Galas on the red carpet, wearing their elegant outfits.

I picked up a total feminine mini skirt, and when everyone is waiting to see a fresh girly outfit, I appear grunge and urban. Well, it may be the "scruffy" Lara Bingle-hairstyle, on the other hand it may be my genes. (Mum?) Anyway, the thing is that I have this tendency to create boyish-looks.

The "transformation-key" from girly to tomboy, was this time my favorite leather vest, sleeveless coat or gilet. Whatever you call it, that's the ideal piece you have to (smartly) add to your wardrobe this season. Why? It's chic enough to make you stand out at an important event (don't forget the high heels) and at the same time cool to be combined with your favorite pair of jeans or mini skirt.

Looking at the photos once again, I am not suuuch a tomboy after all! In the end, I am more than happy with the result. It describes me perfectly! Even if I will never manage to look like the girls in the movies wearing those beautiful dresses, nor get the perfect hairstyle. That's me and it's okay if I look like I have not tried enough to get out. Besides, that is called "Effortless chic" in the fashion dictionary. Oh well, this is it!

Leather Vest: Max&Co
Skirt: Max&Co
Ankle Boots: Max&Co 
Bag: Max&Co (find it here)
Sunglasses : Cheap Monday from X-Eyes

01 November 2014


The basic t-shirt: Buy Now, Wear forever.
And if you know how to combine it right, "Wear it everywhere" completes my quote.
The damn truth has been spoken. Even if I am not basic-tshirt-friendly, I do own some which i picked up 'ingeniously'.

You think you know the reason I got that one from Max&Co. For the "Genius" thing. WRONG! (Besides everyone knows that I am a brain). So here is my tip of the day: A basic t-shirt with some sparkly details cannot only be worn with jeans and trousers for an everyday and usual look. Think different! My kind of inspiration for today, is the combo with a leather skirt and ...trainers.(AGAIN?) 

Eraklia x

Total Outfit : Max&CO from MaxiMa Boutiques Cyprus

Top - (here)
Skirt - (here) 
Shoes - (here)