26 August 2014


Hey guys! How you spending your summer? I am finally back in the island and trying to return to a relaxing mood after the 'burnout' effect. So, If I am not at the beachside, you will find me enjoying my coffee.

The truth is, even though I was watching the Power rangers, listening to Oasis and know how to dance macarena which qualifies me as a 90's kid , I was just a little girl back then. But that doesn't mean I can't imagine myself partying in the last great decade. (oops, I meant TWO decades ago! Feeling old enough yet?)

Anyway, that's maybe the reason I was pretty excited about the new capsule collection of MyTheresa with Calvin Klein. I decided for the more vintage like white crop top.

Combined with boyfriend Jeans, black heels and my favourite CAIA from Chiara Ferragni bracelet. xoxo

See u really soon!
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 Eraklia x

Crop Top - CalvinKlein (here) / Boyfriend Jeans - Zara (here) / Jewelery - CAIA JEWELS bracelet SoldOut (collection here) & golden earrings  / Heels - Zara (similar here) 

18 August 2014

Less is more

You know how when in summer hair gets lighter, drinks get colder, life gets better, unicorns get bigger and all that stuff? Well, it's pretty much accurate! Though I do not believe that we should wait all year for summer to wait for things to happen! 
And before you rush yourselves in early conclusions about the relevance of my post with the blog in general, you know what also gets better in summer? Clothes! No, I'm not kidding! I know there are a lot of winter-lovers out there, but for me, summer is the most inspirational season! Showing off just the right amount of tanned(I wished) back and simplicity at its finest in the front (you know what they say. "Less is more")

Bisous x

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Dress - Gina Tricot
Clutch - Coccinelle
Armcuff - Primark 

23 July 2014


While I am currently on a learning session, I am having a break with some blogging stuff. 
This outfit couldn't be more "Me". And that, thanks to this Sportmax dress. 

And as I am loosing some great festivals because of my exams (see Tomorrowland and Melt), I decided that I need a party-travel-partner. Anyone?


Dress - Sportmax Code (here) / Boots - Zara (Limited Edition)

Ph. Natasa Constandinou

04 July 2014

Sweater Weather

The last exams of the semester were accidentally on July 1st - guess who had birthday? Oh yes! As you've already seen on Facebook and Instagram I had a crazy yet elegant day with my beautiful ladies and friends. And since my body can't handle any more alcohol today (because I've been drunk for my birthday and for the exams too), I stayed home and discovered those photos I took last week.

Two things have changed since then. Firstly, I am a year older (that's my favourite quote since 1st of the month. My friends hate me. ha!). Secondly, I have some green hair. (check Instagram for that scenery).

Now, let me talk about that blue skirt. The first time I saw it to my nearest ZARA (which I visit once a week), I bought it without any second thoughts! Three reasons for that: Leather, pale blue, zips.
BUT I had to wait quite long time to wear it. Why?
a) I don't like the blacksocks combo - or socks anyway, and that the weather in Germany was always a bit rainy-windy-coldy, so yeah.b) I've had a 15 days Holiday in Cyprus. The skirt came (as you can imagine) with me. I was sure that the hot weather of my homeland suited perfectly to the skirt. BUT NO! I tried it once, my legs were sweating like crazyy! So the blue leather friend of mine had a summer trip in my suitcase and it come back with me unwearable.

A little bit inspired from a very favourite song of mine 'Sweater Weather' I got the title to name the perfect situation to wear a leather skirt. Europe's summer weather darlings. Sunny but no sweating, leather skirt with sweater and here we go!

Much love <3

Head band - ZARA (same here) / Skirt - ZARA (same here) / Sweater - ZARA (similar here) / Sandals - H&M (here) / Rings - H&M

25 June 2014

Greek Fever

Georgios Samaras. Penalty. 90+3'. It's all or nothing. The moment of truth. Millions of  greek hearts beating together as one. He runs. He shoots. He SCORES! The greek miracle! 
It's FIFA-Fever all around the globe. And as a football fan, or to be more precise, Fifa World Cup fan, I couldn't help myself from sharing all this greek joy and enthusiasm! So for today, I'm wearing my greek colors: Sky blues and the whitest of the whites! No need to say more about the outfit the pictures speak for themselves! 
One last thing. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who are greek and those who wish they were greek!

Have a wonderful day :)
- Despina

Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Forever21, Boots - H&M, Bracelet - H&M