Saturday, June 09, 2012

I am not immature with my feelings but sometimes my mood is fucked up for no reason ( or for a stupid reason ). What I forced to understand under very unpleasant circumstances is that everyone builds his own life. Any advice or examples of other people are actually for other people. And sometimes is better to leave the thoughts out of your mind - if you want to keep that fucking mind healthy. Everybody has his own story and it depends on him if he will chose the way that others have also taken, or follow its own personal way. we got the right to imagine Life as we want it, as cool as we want it to be. And fight until to live our dream.

The realisation of some facts is part of the game. But if you dont like the facts dont let them take you down. Try to change them.
"Problems should drive us into action and not into depression" says paulo coelho and I agree 100%.

There are no MUSTS and seriously FUCK STEREOTYPES.
If you want to be forever young you will be, no matter how old are you, what job you do, where do you live, what status do you have etc etc. 
If you want to be happy you will be, no matter whats happening in the world - everyone has his own world -, no matter if things go wrong today - everything will be better tomorrow -, no matter what others say.

And Attention: HAVING DREAMS IS RELEVANT. Dont let people or circumstances to stoping your Imagination. Go for what you wanted and just do it on your own. There is no other way.

Have a nice Saturday, feel the sun and be happy loves,


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