feet n color: green pants

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I always liked colours and I was really excited when colourful pants came back to trend last year. 
Red, burgundy and some printed leggings became my favourite everyday items. 
But what about the green one? I don't really like green but that was one of these inconsiderate boughts that you regret the next day. So one good day I found it in my closet and I thought "Why not?".
 And here are the results.

Ethnik printed Topshop top with a vintage jean jacket I bought from a vintage shop in the old town, a smile and a little bit Attitude was the ingrediends of this Outfit.

eraklia  x

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  1. God, I'm in love with an Alien...
    I fell in love with her smile! =)

  2. aww beautiful outfit!!!! thanks for stopping by my blog :) xx
    Surf Addict Fashionista


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