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Friday, August 31, 2012

Californication: a word made of two other words put together ( California & Fornication ).

While the song is playing, I think that we do really live in that "Vanity in California". Little girls wanting to be famous, people wanting stars on boulevard. Whats the real beauty of  all these glam and lights? Fake people in nice dresses. Stylish covers full of rubbish. Its known that famous people making other peoples lives "better" as they ruin theirs with drugs.

When I see little girls with this kind of dreams, I remember myself as a little child. I wanted to be a writer or a musician. Not another girl in a magazine. Now I understand why some people, xalled by many romantic and dreamers, talk about that era. The era that everything had its own beauty. Plastic surgery was just a solution to medical problems and not a solution to "refill" the emptiness of the mental world. Who talks today about a house by the sea, a life that would be exciting without those skin deep and plastic beauties? Nowadays its all about a game of chasing money, fortune and fame.

I agree that fashion is a part of the "famous wanna be" trend and it can change people negatively or positively. There are many examples how people change when they change style! but not always in a good way. 
What I am trying to say (I know its a little bit confusing) is that we have to stop being victims of lifestyle.
 Being a lover and being a victim are two different things. Think about that in a relationship. It's sane to love but what about being a victim of love?

I have no idea if it makes any difference. Nothing will stop people from trying to be famous, dreaming Californication. But thoughts are only free, when said.

Have a nice day

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  1. Loved every single word of it... But i think i got a mindfuck reading these word written by YOU!! Weird huh??

    1. as they say, Dont judge a book by its cover!

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