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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Saturday I discovered a square checkered board and I played chess after a long time. A game for two, sixteen different pieces and many different moves. I cannot say if it's a game based on psychology, but it is for sure a game based in good moves. When you see a good move, you have to look for a better one but always have in mind that the mistakes are there, waiting to be made. 

I consider "Chess" as an art, a theater. On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long and the most interesting part is the finale. A Chess player cares more for the process of attaining his goal than for the goal itself because that makes him wiser and teaches him that the glory of today may be the poison of tomorrow.

You have not to be kind-hearted if you want to win. And for people who can’t stand to think of losing: 
"Every Chess master was once a beginner".

Too much philosophy for today, right? :)

Eraklia x

(Sorry for the pictures, but the idea of the post was very spontaneous x)

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