Jewellery Attack - Designs by Agathi Hadjoulli

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Those are my gorgeous besties and those are the amazing accessories made by Agathi Hadjoulli.
In this post I decided to do something with my two beauties and we really had fun wearing the jewels.
So , yesterday we visited an art gallery wearing some pieces of art. Without any exaggeration every single piece is an artwork made with love.

I will guide you through the wonderful world of Agathi and show you some of her beautiful jewellery products. The material she mainly uses is called resin and in combination with other materials like wool and metal she creates those masterpieces. Agathi studied fashion jewellery and acessories in London and then fashion styling and image creation in Milan. Also with elements like silicone, beads. simple chains and lot of imagination she creates the most sweet and lovely pieces, just like her! When looking at the exquisite designs you can see how much she loves her job. Her jewels can change an outfit from casual to extra sophisticated and give it a sweet note of color and shape.

What makes Agathi to stand out and being so unique is that she doesn't follow the trends, someting that I find it is really important today, the era of copy-paste. She keeps her own style and way to create the accessories, without being influenced by the "lifestyle". That makes her creations being 100% unique.

In the following pictures you can take a look of some of the wonderful creations, like bags, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. I am sure that you will love them like we did :)

Lots of love
Eraklia x

The bag love

Playful earrings

Christina wears very elegant necklaces, colourful rings and the amazing clutch bag

 Andrea wears necklace and bracelet made with wool and "the double rings"

I wear orange necklace and rings in different shapes all made with resin

With my dolls Andrea and Christina. <3

P.s. For more information about the acessories and where you can find them, don't hesitate to ask me.

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  1. Amazing work. It is like a mini-editorial !


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