The White Shirt

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have never been so delighted about something I have done in my life - no matter how many times I have seen this boutique promotion video it always gets me so excited; not because I see myself in it, but because I have finally managed to do something I have always dreamt of.

It truly was an honour to work with fashion professionals like Buki Koshoni who decided to give me this opportunity. I had a really great time and i enjoyed the whole experience thanks to the most amazing team. Thanks guys :)

I see this clip not only as an advertising video, but as a work of art; exactly what you would expect from a boutique like Dash.

These kinds of activities enhance and improve my overall fashion experience. My latest contact through that short clip, offered me things that I could not get out of any fashion magazine, show, or TV show.
One step at a time, I feel I'm getting closer and closer to my goal: being an expert fashionista.

"The White Shirt" - Dash Boutique from Buki Koshoni on Vimeo.

Directed/Photographed by Buki Koshoni

Styling - Dash Boutique - Multi Brand store (
Model - Eraclia Skoufari
MUA & Hair - Anthia Panayiotou
Location - The Studio Larnaca (
Special thanks to : Alexandros Spathias, Maria Skoufari and Marianne Paraskeva

I hope you enjoyed my video, and I'll talk to you soon!!
Eraklia x 

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  1. so innocent (the face, the smile, the shirt), yet so evil (the heart) ;)


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