The Fairy, the cape dress and the..sun!

Monday, October 01, 2012

It is not very often to feel like a fairy but yesterday I did.
The colourful, boho, playful, adorable, lovely lovely lovely cape dress; emphasized by the wonderful combination of wind and lake.

Before my return to my basis I had the desire to wear this colourful dress for the last time.
And I did. Who cares if the diary shows "October"? Here it is always Summer and I will enjoy this strong aura until my last second in Cyprus.

Enjoying the sun for even a few days, taking deep breaths and trying to refill my batteries to 101%, thinking about the difficult year that lies ahead and especially my passion and foe: Anatomy. I feel a little bit scared, but more happy and excited about what is following.
Medicine my love, I'm a fairy coming from the Country of the Sun.
Prepare :)

Eraklia x

I wear:

Cape Dress from H&M
Clutch Bag Diesel
Pale Pink Converse-All star
Bracelet H&M
Mini Dress NY 

 Special Thanks to Kyriacos Xristodoulides, a very talented young photographer for the excellent photos.

For more photos:

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