Wochenende in Frankfurt

Sunday, November 04, 2012

So in that blog you may find looooong posts or very mini ones. I really like writing but actually I don't do it often and that was something I realised while I was doing some changes on my page. 
No no no, I am not illiterate but sometimes I find writting huge posts a little bit useless. Why? Because people don't really care where you were, why, with who, if the food was tasty or if the day was sunny and blablabla!! And that makes sense nowadays, where every single minute is so precious. And also, erhmm, hello? They don't even know you! I try to read as many posts I can, because it's a good way to get inspired and when the story is good and the writer talented, you can join another world and it is really fun. But other times I read the first two phrases and I am like "oh really? yawn ywan". Sorry If that sounds a little bit arrogant or snob, but I am sure that you have thought that at least once ;). 

Fashion blogging is about attitude, aesthetic, uniqueness, expression and for me it is also a way to escape from the routine.

So here are some photos from my visit to a friend in Frankfurt this weekend. 
Waiting for the tram, we took some photos (that was not preplanned so sorry for the bad quality). That mini black skirt was an item I wore just one or two times, so I decided to "convert" it to an everyday item, with the hope to wear it more often. Neck party, head piece because of the cold weather, fashion trainers ( a really bad choice for a rainy day!!! :p) basic t-shirt, black fur and ready to go.

And yes reading the post it's feeling like it's me again!
eraklia x

Black skirt: Zara, Basic tshirt: Polo Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Office.co.uk, Head piece: Primark, Ring with "wings": Gift, Small ring: Forever21, Necklaces: H&M, Forever21, Black Fur: Zara

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  1. i agree with you about the writing, i love reading them when they are interesting! is nice to see how other people think, especially if it has to do style!

    oh it looks so cold there! but i love how stylish you look with that kind of weather! sometimes i find it hard to look nice when is cold..not sure why, i guess i just want to feel warm and i don't care that much about how i look hehe xx

  2. Thank you loves xx

    I try to find stylish and warm items to wear even if they are not so easy to found! Happy that you like my thoughts <3

  3. We really like the shoes!


  4. Fantastic look! Kisses.

  5. you look amazing!!! i love the skirt and the shoes :)

    ps, new post on my blog :)

  6. tnx so much for your lovely comment. really meant a lot!!

    Like your outfit, and the shoes! =)


  7. Great look and pics! Tanks for coming on my blog, I follow you, hope you do the same :)


  8. Γεια σου κι από μένα!! Λατρεύω το στιλ σου!! Υπέροχο το blog σου!! Μόλις το ανακάλυψα!! Φιλάκια!!


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