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Monday, January 28, 2013

bonjour madame & monsieur all over the world.

I got some bad facts:
- It's Monday.
- The weather is moody, gray and boring.

But I got also some good ones:
- It's a new week, a new start. (I choose smile and positive thinking)
- Sales are still on.
- It is not raining, not snowing and it is not windy.

As u can see the weekend shopping (=best medicine) gave me some ENERGY. 

Velvet Monday.  Blue and Gray. (Like the f*cking weather)
So, velvet traditionally is associated with nobility. It reminds me of Kings and Queens, Florence and Venice, Romance and vintage etc etc etc.
Exactly like I wore them (NOT).
KRAZYness, a little bit Funky - I danced also Gangnam Style - golden accessories, KRAZYness again.
That was the recipe. 

That Velvet Monday was about a huge fall fashion trend. And the best way to get the look with the royal fabric is a pair of leggings. Found them in American Apparel (they got 952759758899 colours).

Let me know your thoughts and also I want to hear opinions about the first picture. 
I got that as a profile picture on my facebook page. Likey or Not?

'till the next time,

Velvet top and leggins: American Apparel/ Shoes: ZARA/ Arm-jewellery: Anna Dello Russo form H&M/ Bracelets: Urban Outfitters

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  1. omg!!!!!!!!!! really love your outfit and cool shoot

  2. I love your style!!

    Vintage Blue Jeans

  3. I love the sneakers! Are they comfy too?

    1. they do!
      i wear them the whole day and i am still ok

  4. haha oh ja! man muss sich schlißlich auch mal eine pause gönnen :P
    du sprichst deutsch?:) woher kommst du?


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