Fresh off the Runway

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Few years ago hip-hop was a huge trend that came and gone. But some kids, love that dance style more than anything else. One of those kids is a good friend of mine, my first hip-hop teacher and the best hip-hop dancer of his age in Cyprus. 

Even if he's only 19, he has managed to be one of the most successful and loveable dancers in Cyprus. And you know why? He is not just mad for dance, he was BORN TO DANCE! As he said: "It's about dancing like you cannot be defeated. I'm back and here to stay". His name is Angelos Petrou.

Yesterday I caught him during the rehearsal of his masterclass and we had a mini-interview, he teached me some great moves (I look hillarius because of my tall legs;p), and he gave me as a gift one of those awesome t-shirts he designed, with the logo "SWAG". Such a multi-talented boy! 

For those who want a chance to experience one of a kind hip-hop class, under the music of the iconic Rihanna and the edgy moves of Angelos Petrou, this Sunday you can join his masterclass with the name "Fresh off the Runway". For more information click here.

1) How many years have you been dancing and what got you into dancing?

This is actually my 10th year I have been practising street dance. It seems like yesterday when my mom got me in Rebel Dancers in the hope of escaping the technology trap (the world of computers) and lose some weight- yes I was overweight! Not even one in a million I would have known that dance would been my realest passion.

2) Do you take other styles of dance rather than hip-hop?

Unfortunately no. Although I love all kind of dances, it was my choice to focus in hip-hop. Commercial street, in which I specialize, is more open- it adopts various elements from other kind of dances such as jazz and contemporary- and I am loving this freedom of movement. The power of creating!

3) Tell me your favourite move.

Oh that's a tough one! I dont know which one to choose... If you ask my students they will probably say that I do a lot of chest pumps, waves and sharp posing. They may complain for my moves being a little "dirty" but I know they love 'em.

4) My opinion is that you are a great inspiration for many young dancers. Which dancers inspire you?

Inspiration is one of my greatest goals. I want to inspire people. I want dancers to fight for their dreams and live the magic of dance. Without second thought I would say that LaurieAnn Gibson has been my role model ever since I started dancing. She taught me never to quit on me and made me realise that I was born to dance!

5) Has the dance industry been good or bad to you?

In the dance industry, especially in the so called "hip-hop", there is crazy competition. There are many dancers out there who are extremely talented. I won't lie to you, I have been through really tough times. Envy people trying to take you down, harsh comments and bad behaviour. My advise is to keep a thick skin (and lots of style) if you want to survive!

6) We have seen you in many live shows, performances and tv ads. Tell us about your experience and which one was the greatest for you.

I love performing live. The energy on that stage... Priceless. Each show for me is countless hours of hard work among with special moments and different people. I can't choose one show to put above others- However, opening the concert of Flo Rida last summer is what has not faded in my mind and still get goose bumps in the thought of it. Give me a stage and some good pair of shoes and I can dance forever!

7) Next year, when you finish your army duties, you are going abroad to study. What are you going to do with dance? 

Next year another chapter of my life is unfolded. I will be going to UK to study Economics- yes I know everyone will be wondering why it's not dance. Well, I have something big coming up. I wont stop dancing!

8) What's the concept behind your t-shirt line?

I am a fashion lover. People have always been commenting on my outfits, even negatively on "not being hiphop". I always wanted to do clothes for dancers, something loose but yet iconic. Those triple XL plain tshirts- omg they haunt me. I want my clothes to empower dancers. My choice to go with the current patterns is not random. Cosmic represents a "Fearless Dream", Leopard is a "Wild Royalty" where as Camo is for a "Passionate Warrior" and Snakeskin goes for the "Mysterious Ivy".


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