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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neither Water nor Fire are perfect. Both have their imperfections and can easily destroy things, even each other. But they are not only different but also unequal. An agressive fire can burn and destroy frantically on the other hand Water can turn off the flames, make the ground grow up again, relax it from the catastrophy, help the people save their belongings. So in my 1.40 kg brain overcomes the idea of Water as advantageous.
But every Yang has a small spot of Yin so even water has its bad side - let's remember catastrophic floods and tsunamis.

The perfect combination of power would have both of them, but does it? Only a minority of people can have such a charisma. The lucky minority. And when I think about it twice, I am not sure if there is even minority.
- After all the morning philosophy you may wonder what's wrong with me. I am 100% clean in my mind and soul - no worries. -
I just , you know, had those moments when you feel like Epicurus, Aristoteles or Plato and my great mind thought that I would better be fire or water and forget about the matchy mathchy. Because at least you are something - and today it's the era of being nothing and proud. So what does that means? May to accept the imperfections and all the small and big "defects" that we got? We all got. If we accept them they start to fade,  not just for us but also for the people who are with us. Advice numero uno.
And also, accept that failure is part of the plan, make us stronger and harder and better fighters. And the best of all - to accept that our imperfections make us perfect. Nobody in that world can have an exactly same copy. We were all born masterpieces - ok maybe not masterpieces but one of a kind. The what we grow into, all the insecurities we got on the way stem from us. If you get affected from what others say it's your failure not to stand up for your life. Nobody's perfect and you, me he and she are not Nobody.
I hope I have passed something to you today.

And as I forget about the matchy matchy in my mind I did the same with my outfit and gave a total whiteout. I said goodbye to bold brights and said hello to the high summer colour, white.
Urban Chic and Fresh, the key to reach the total clean line is to keep the rest of the look minimal and understated. The first kickstart from our summer.

White pants: Zara - Shirt: VeroModa - Shoes: Nike Dunk High - Bag: M&M Shop - Watch: FolliFollie - Bracelet: Andreas Z - Ring: Topshop

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  1. Love this total white look.


  2. Yuo are so good also with this look. It isn't simply.


  3. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves a new follower!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



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  5. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it made me discover yours and i'm falling in love with your style!! you also white very well! i will come back here :p actually i'm adding you on facebook. this is my facebook also if you want to follow me!! https://www.facebook.com/lovely.materials

    big kisses from france (my blog is also in english) talk to you soon i hope http://lovelymaterials.blogspot.fr/

  6. really good love the total whites!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  7. Love the "white power" ! I'm a white freak! Really suits you babe! :)

  8. Wow!
    I follow you, we follow each other?

    The Glossy Mag

  9. I already follow yuo in yuor social. if yuo like my blog follow me too :)

  10. Awesome! Your blog is really cool! Come by mine and check it out! We can follow each other if you'd like;)

    Talk soon!


  11. total white. It makes a good contrast with your hair...

  12. one of my favourite trends for spring! xx

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