Sweat- or Sweet-Shirt?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Fall The Designer Sweatshirt gave a recital. Seen on models, designers, fashion bloggers, on the streets, was a great desire and a sweet trend all the fashion world loved. Kenzo tigers, MiuMiu cats, gave their turn to Givenchy comic characters that had not only something to show with their prints, but also with the luxus materials. Kenzo managed to take the best critics from the youngsters with the eye mania that launched.
This Fall designers took a turn with that old, comfy-cozy beloved trend and now it's time to see who will wear it best.

Kenzo has been recently synonym with print and logos. That collection had all EYES on itself. Many layers of metalic, color, prints, red, blue, the collection described as it had a "spirit from India". 
Most of the pieces were full of eyes and eyes and eyes. The sweatshirts too. In many shapes and cuts, mini, bomber, with a single eye or motifs, were all there to protect the collection from the "bad luck". As they said "It's all about protection and warding off evil spirits." 

It was by far one of my favourite Paris Fashion Week collections. I did not love only the cool sweatshirts with cartoons and prints, but also the way they were worn. Once with a maxi see-through skirt, once with a shorter one, black or colourful, with shapes and prints. 
The sweatshirts was one of Tisci's big ideas that this season became a huge and really wearable trend. In this collection he had a feminine vibe, because of the amazing, creative and inspiring styling. Flowers and paisleys on jackets and the sheer femme skirts. Très agréable!

This time Wang was fixated on roundness and blurriness. In that show we saw knitted Sweatshirts with sequins in black (and also in gray). Looklike Sweatshirts with fur and leather were also to seen.

 Elegant sweatshirts in combination with modern shapes and materials, were looking comfy and sensual. The old Céline woman this time had something new to show. Exact same looks in cream, navy blue and red, with different shapes and materials.

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  1. Inspiring collections. I love Kenzo.

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  2. Thanks, girl! :D
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    These sweatshirts are awesome, I love the second one by Kenzo!

    Xx, Sara.


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  4. I NEED Kenzo's tiger sweatshirt for this winter.
    Nice blog!
    Kisses from Argentina :)

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  6. Amazing collections! Kenzo is so cool!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  7. Love all the collection. Esp Wang´s and Celine´s. I need mo money <3


  8. It's not a trend I'll adapt quick but I absolutely live it on other people! Celine collection was breathtaking as always though... And I loved Wang's sweat-shirts too




  9. nice sweatshirts !!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?


  10. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
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    Great collections


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