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Friday, May 10, 2013

It’s important to know how to get ready fast. – And I can give you some tips so you can also be furious.

If you ask my girlfriends, they will tell you that I have some superpowers for getting ready. My boyfriend once in order to test me, was driving with 120+ and I got ready in less than 5 mins. Challenge accepted!

By the way with the word fast” I don’t mean hurry and rush. But when you have no time to get ready, in the hurry to get ready fast, the result may be.. catastrophically rush. Got jumbled? YEH ME TOO!

My advice for a quick make-up is always a more natural one. Simple is temporally nicer and elegant, and so it’s the natural make-up!  Can be for both day or night “IN” with just some little changes.  

For all the girls that have a clean and perfect skin, DO NOT USE FOUNDATION! If you have that lucky gift, just use a simple cream as a basis in order to have a long lasting make-up! 
But because most of the girls do not have the perfect skin type, there are many creams with colour! I find them more fresh than a foundation, especially in summer. Don’t forget to choose a cream with a sun protection! A heavy layer of make-up has not the same effect, so If you desperately want to use your foundation, be “thrifty”.

The REAL secret of the really fast and perfect make-up is to know what it fits you best.
1.       Right colour of blush is very important.  Well, not all the girls have the perfect cheekbones. And  It’s kind of tricky to create some without looking like a sun-burned monkey.

2.       Also, the lips want to party at night, so if you don’t like red colours, find a bold pink or orange for summer that will fit to your skin and eye colour.

3.       If you got small eyelashes, a mascara with Volume will be your best friend! Important fact is to have a good brush, in order to have a natural result and not sticky lashes. And seriously, better less volume than sticky! It’s very unnatural and personally I find it irritating and not clean. (!)

*Be sure that you got all your stuff nicely organised, so you don’t have to spend time to search for them. ALREADY SAVED TIME!

And here we go.
Put the cream on (or foundation,but I said NO :D) and some concealer  for a fresher look, bigger and brighter eyes!
Darker Blush on the upper the cheekbones and a more pinky on the apple cheeks.
Just mascara for the day, and for the night you can add some dark shades only on the locust of your eyes for a more cat-eye look. If you are an eyeliner pro, go for it! But since I am not, I leave that part out of the PLAN.

Finishing with a gloss – you can choose colour gloss or just neutral colours for the day!

And for the naughty night, if you do not have dark eyes - go for a not very bold lipstic.


You’re ready! GO!

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