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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Quote is the TAKE HOME MESSAGE.

Scrolling down my newsfeed on the well known social media that starts with f, I found a picture of some young girls I didn't really know. They were looking like 25, really chic dressed, they were smoking and behaving like .. urhm billionaires? Maxi and Mini Dresses with really sexy cuts, golden Chains and heavy "dreamy" -and should be also expensive- jewelry, Chanel bags, Balenciaga clutches, Louis Vuitton Scarves, Cigarettes, Makeup, Red Lipstick, Super High Heels, Dizzy and Drunk Faces. But wait. The girl on the right was looking familiar.

Hardly recognizable but yes, she was the -today- 16 year old girl I've met in a ballet class like 1000 years ago. "WTF"
I pressed on the link of her name and yes, I was f*  right.

To be really honest, I am not such a facebook freak. But I had the hope that it was JUST THIS PHOTO or too curious to find out HOW can a 16 old girl looking like the big sista I don't have, so I checked out some of her pictures.

A 16 year old beauty was acting like a big woman but in a ridiculous way, losing every sign of innocence and youth and being miles away from the adolescent age. The grotesque part of the early-grow-up-wannabes is that they THINK that they look like ladies or gentlemen, but the reality is far far different as that, because with the first word that will try to say to reach an older man or a lady, kicks off a huge urban and funny cycle.
Happily, I remember the stupid things and the beautiful memories I got in her age and I felt relief that I lived every age of my life in the right time. 

I took a last look of the picture. I laughed. I clicked the exit button.
I had just realized that I was too tired with this mentality. Studying in the center of Europe I was not used to "modernity" and "nouveau riche" phenomena. 
Rich people, and I don't even mean $ MONEY $ are so down to earth compared to the upper example. I was too tired of the stupid habit of trying to show that we have much more than others, even if that is not the reality. 

Solution? To chill a bit, so I called my besties and went for a coffee. 

Wearing trainers, t-shirt and a short, messy hair, sunburned skin without any make up but a BIG SMILE.
Exactly as a 16 year old should be.

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  1. Ja ich liebe Avene, nachdem ich ein produkt ausprobiert habe, habe ich beschlossen mir einfach die ganze linie zu kaufen hihi :D

    Och ist das mädchen süß, echt traumhaft :)

    ich finde deienn blog so super, ich folge dir jetzt auf bloglovin :)


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  3. I'm sorry that you can't see me in your list. But I follow you on Bloglovin as minnja style, on Facebook, I'm no 1205, as Frau Minnja and I'm follow you on GFC as No.255, too.
    Hope you can finde me now <3 Please follow back


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