Message to a Bastard

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

May your real name starts with A. or you can pick from the rest 23 letters of the alphabet. For today your nickname will start with B. And you know well, which that 'nick-name' is.

Dear Bastard,

I remember the day you fondled my hair, dandled me and saying to me that I was the most beautiful girl you ever met. I will never forget that day you were driving your shiny fast car and you were saying that you were the most happy man on earth. And you remember? That day by the sea? You were taking photos of every single stupid thing I have done. You were just the perfect.. LIAR.

Because you were pretending that you were listening, but you weren't. You promised things that never happened and did things that you never promised. You behaved to the one you said you loved as a 'thing', you were faking almost everything. And when all was over, you tried to fix the broken glass with another bunch of lies and some tears. Or you just left without saying a word, without explanations, without answering the fucking questions. One day you appeared and smiled like nothing happened, you were acting like we could be friends. Disrespectful, you were hanging out with another girl and the day after you said 'I cannot live without you'. But I don't blame you. You did exactly what a bastard like you should do.

In the end of the day, you, he, she, it, or me, we all can be the bastard of that message. Because, without any doubt, there is one person in that planet that dreamt of you, cried for you, cared for you, but YOU, didn't pay attention, you may laughed with the 'stupid' messages he sent to you, you may fooled him just for fun.
Sorry If I made you feel that way. It wasn't my fault, I just was the Bastard of the story. Someone should be. There is always one, who takes the starring role. Were you the bastard of the story?

With love,

Cap: NIKE / Necklace: H&M/ T-shirt: Borrowed from my lil sis xx/ Shorts: ZARA/ Bag: ZARA/ 

Photographer: MARIA IOANNOU

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  1. wow! amazing outfit!

  2. sport chic :) let me know if you want we can follow each other :)

  3. i love this look!!!
    need to get a top like this as fast as possible !!

  4. really cute outfit! and i almost die with the bastard letter :)

  5. Thank you for commenting my blog! I am already following you! Hope you'll do the same!

  6. Gorgeous!!!

  7. gorgeous lady!

  8. Great look :)


  9. I am following now :)
    Greetings :)
    Follow back? :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! And you are very pretty :)
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  11. You look amazing invite you to my giveaway

  12. Amazing photos!!

  13. Thank you, dear! Following you now!))
    Hope, you'll follow me <3

  14. But I'm following your blog with GFC(name- Карина Симонова)..


  15. Amazing look!!!
    Hi what a cute nice blog honey you have.....My name is Paola I am a Blogger based in italy and I was wandering if we could follow each other GFC and bloglovin.
    Let me know I will follow you back!!!

  16. I'm already following you darling... keep in touch!

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  18. Hope the bastard gets his message ;)

  19. hi, let's folow each other. Very cool snapshots!

  20. OMG your blog is so amazing! Your posts are so original and you have the best style!

    I am now following you! Hope you take a look at mine and follow if you like it! x



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