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Monday, October 07, 2013

Greatest Hits

I just couldn't leave that show without any comment, as the very charismatic - he proved it again - Marc Jacobs, gave some fashion lessons and gave a different note to the fashion world after 16 years of work at Luis Vuitton.
Of course, I had my thoughtful moments while I was watching the show, and I am going to explain exactly what I mean.

Extravagant is one of the words that can describe that show, starting from the scenery and the clothes.
Black Pieces that were looking much comfortable and breathtaking at the same time, the killer combo.
(I have to ask for an exception for some of the looks which I am not sure if the woman wearing them would feel comfortable in them, but one thing is for sure. Heads will be turning. Take as an example the following look and imagine you wearing it. How can I sit without showing my whoops? But those clothes are made for showgirls and for 'daring' ones.)

"Jacobs dedicated the collection to the many women who've touched or influenced him during his decade and a half in Paris, including designer muses Coco Chanel, Rei Kawakubo, and Miuccia Prada. You saw bits and pieces of their work in this collection, in addition to callbacks to his own greatest hits. "To the showgirl in all of us," was how he signed off his program notes." via

I adored the jeans, that were breaking the step back to the black. But that black, that was not an ordinary one. Bold, strong and theatrical, all those blacks that were pulled over the jeans were so couture, starting from the embroidered jackets or the long black paillette-paved dresses, nearly all of them ornamented with crystals, feathers and jet beads and all black but not even close to "sad". Outfits to die for.

That was the show of glory for Luis Vuitton. That was, as they said, 'just GREAT'.

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  1. I loved the show but the collection is too "dark" for me. I don't like it.

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  2. Nice, they are great for inspiration. Maybe bright up black with white will be awesome! Thanks for your comment on my blog and yes we can follow each other. I already follow you long time ago on GFC (Cassandra L.M.) and Bloglovin. Waiting for you to follow me back if you haven't. Keep in touch..

  3. Fantásticas fotografías!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures....Thank you for sharing...

    I would be very happy if you also visited my blog and follow me if you like it... Just let me know so that I can follow back...

    Thank you

  5. The models' hair are so crazy but it's a fashion show...
    Stella from a A Shiny Place


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