Sunday, October 27, 2013

You can call it a #lategram if we were on Instagram, so here is a #Latepost.

Vienna was magnifique. Visiting a very special friend of mine, meeting some of the best people I got in my life and enjoying that beautiful capital and having some happy memories, that trip was made in the right time.
Not much to say about it, enjoy some pictures of the trip - sorry for the bad quality of some of them, we were using our smartphones too-.

More photos on Instagram and Facebook x

Ps. At the moment I am in Cologne and soon I will be in Bochum. More photos from my trips soon on the blog x
Auf wiedersehen :)

Dress - H&M/ Boots - ZARA/ Sweatshirt - ZARA / Watch - CASIO (here)

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  1. Beautiful as always...! Oh ...welcome to NRW dollface ! ;)

  2. Stunning pictures, looking lovely too!
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