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Sunday, December 01, 2013


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I am a medical student.
I am a fashion lover.
How could I ever combine both? An idea came to my mind and this blog was my way to share the love to the people that need it. The least I can do to raise awareness on important issues and help some people out there.This month, every post will have a reason! Every view, comment, photo will count.

1st of December! The Christmas month. And today it's a day for helping.
World Aids day!

Hands are not for hurting. Hands are for holding.

There's stigma all over the world. But it's soon to say that we can have a victory against AIDS. This is another 'fight' and we have a reason to help with our way. Some treatments are known against AIDS, but as we are not doctors - not yet - we can just help to change the way people face the disease.
HIV Virus infects the human immune system but not our hearts.
You all know what AIDS is and how many people are killed all over the world because of it. (Every minute approximately 5-6 people)

Why let people on the outside?  Hold their hands, literally or do it with your own unique way.
Send me your photos with holding hands here: attitudeuniqueblog@gmail.com or upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #HoldingHandsProject

Let's see how many photos will be gathered by the end of this month and let's share our love <3

About the outfit? My best accessory is the boy next to me!
And the rest? Skirt with a sweater! My favourite combo, because you have great legs and you can show them without being too preppy.
Adorable heels designed by a newcomer and talented cypriot designer, Pavlina Evgeniou!
And of course the clutch bag, simple and elegant made by Daniella Georgiou! Enjoy x

Sweater - PIMKIE / Skirt - ZARA / Clutch Bag - DANIELLA GEORGIOU / Shoes - PAVLINA EVGENIOU 

Photos and edit by Stavros c

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  1. Fantastic look! love all the pieces :)

  2. First the fashion: love, love your outfit. Second, the cause: I absolutely love your idea and what a great way to start!

  3. so much inspiration!

  4. in love with your sweater


  5. What a great cause especially in time of people gathering with their close family and strangers. xx



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