The Birkenstock effect

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Affects us?

When I first saw the 'walking' Birkenstock-like sandal on the Celine 2013 Spring runway in Paris last Fall, I was kinda excited about the comeback of the pretty ugly shoe.

Models were looking so careless and beautiful in their ugly shoes. ''That will be fun'', I thought.
I had some forgotten pairs hidden deep in the closet and I was ready to bring them back to 'life'. One of my best friends -and fashion freak- had already ordered his own custom made birkenstocks and he was so over excited about the news. ''After the sneaker comeback, my feet are going to thank me again for the comfy-soles'', I happily whispered.

And then, 'The Sartorialist' started publishing photos with a dozen of street-stylers wearing the master of comfortness. Olsens wore them too. 'Zara' was matching them so cool, skirts and pants were looking just awesome with a pair of Black or White Birkenstocks. ''Is the beginning of a new era?'' was my next thought but deep inside, some inevitable doubts were already starting to surface as my era of doubting.

Ok, let's face it. Not all girls have the perfect feet which can look awesomely awesome in a pair of Birkenstocks. Some of the funniest feet I've seen in my life are coming back to me and I am thinking how much we've laughed with my besties commenting ours. Bones out of control on the right one, big fingers on the left one - am I disgusting yet?
Then, for those of you who have a boyfriend, consider  yourselves lucky that you already have one, because I honestly don't think that our male friends consider them as a sexy shoe.
Surely my mum would consider my outfit as ugly if I tried to leave the house wearing a pair of Birkenstocks some years ago!

Whoa! It's like I am having an endless Period time with the Birkenstock trend. 'Till to take my decision, I will be happy to hear yours (may you can help me too)!

Extra tip: For the ones that will go for it, you will need a nice pedicure this summer.
But no matter how you feel about Birkenstocks, they are definitely in style again.

Shop it!

1. Zara  (here)
2. Givenchy (here)
3. Marni (here)
4. Birkenstock (here) 
5. Marc Jacobs (here)
6. Zara (here)
7. Senso (here)
8. Senso (here)

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  1. Yes they are pretty ugly but so comfortable! I just love mine in the summer.

  2. interesting ^^


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