The Suit

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Coming back to the usual and full of caffeine habits, I realised that lately, I was hanging out a LOT with lawyers. I cannot define the reason yet, I guess they are the only ones that have time for breaks at Starbucks.
With all my honesty though, I could never be a lawyer, being surrounded by an office or going to the courthouse trying to solve any silly-or-serious cases, know and con as many laws as I can and having to listen to the judges and all their weirdness. No way! 
But what I could do from the lawyer job, is to be dressed preppy, in a suit every day. That's the only thing I am jealous of the female lawyers which I come up against every afternoon, being dressed with suits and skirts and wearing really high heels without any special occasion.

That was the first thing I thought when I saw that snakeskin suit at Marella some days ago. On the other hand, I doubt if the lawyer-girls would wear something like that. With 'that' I mean, not very close to black.
My own and of course feminine view of the suit, it's like that. Shame on you if you'd expect something more elegant than that. Messy hair and sporty sunnies: that's the trick for the careless look which is steps away from the elegant 'Lawyer' standards. Right?

Suit - MARELLA Cyprus
Sunglasses - CHEAP MONDAY
Photos by Natasa Constantinou

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  1. εαν το εβλεπα σε αλλη , θα ελεγα not , not , not, αλλα εσυ οτι και να βαλεις το υποστηριζεις απολυτα ρε γαμωτο!
    keep going !!

  2. love!

  3. wow der anzug steht dir echt gut :)


  4. That is one amazing suit...I might just be rethinking my career if I could wear a suit like that everyday!

  5. Cool outfit!

  6. απλα υπεροχη Θ-Ε-Α !

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