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Friday, June 20, 2014

Contains an Advice: 

Stripes, Lingerie, Silk, Luxury and fresh off the runway, do you need something more to fall in love?
There is no need to introduce you that Sportmax Molveno dress, If you're fashion-informed enough, you've already spotted it on the latest campaign or the windows of Sportmax all over the world. The desire became reality, so take a peep on my striped affair.

And because I've been very laconic lately, I will share a little secret with you: Mini and bodycon dresses are not the only option you have, that reveal your inner woman. Just make sure that you feel happy and confident in what you're wearing.

Dress - MaxMara (Stasikratus Street - Cyprus ) / Online :

Photography : Natasa Constantinou

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  1. sweet blog!
    follow to follow?

  2. Very nice!! and love the lipstick color! which one is it? :))


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