Less is more

Monday, August 18, 2014

You know how when in summer hair gets lighter, drinks get colder, life gets better, unicorns get bigger and all that stuff? Well, it's pretty much accurate! Though I do not believe that we should wait all year for summer to wait for things to happen! 
And before you rush yourselves in early conclusions about the relevance of my post with the blog in general, you know what also gets better in summer? Clothes! No, I'm not kidding! I know there are a lot of winter-lovers out there, but for me, summer is the most inspirational season! Showing off just the right amount of tanned(I wished) back and simplicity at its finest in the front (you know what they say. "Less is more")

Bisous x

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Dress - Gina Tricot
Clutch - Coccinelle
Armcuff - Primark 

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