Thursday, September 25, 2014

Colours were an exclusive past issue. Black is the cool colour, which means no pinks, no patterns, just monochromatic, chromophobic and silent. Because it's much more difficult to stand out in black, but a real woman who can be powerful and confident in it, "ensnares" the looks without much effort.

And for those who will call me 'lazy' about that #ootd, I declare guilty. We are not always to the right dress up mood, right? Besides, it was just a bonding day with an old friend, some chit-chat, a walk at the park nearby our hood. Photos came out extremely sporty and energetic - or is it just me? , I guess because of the sunny weather. Autumn weather, please come soon!

Kind Regards,
a girl from the sunland.

Sunglasses : Cheap Monday (Xeyes Shop)
Basic Top : Zara
Trousers : H&M (similar here)
Sneakers : New Balance (here)
Necklaces : Givenchy / Six
Rings : H&M / Primark (similar here)

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