Party Time

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are you ready for the biggest art and vodka party of the season?

The multicultural capital of the island, Nicosia, is going to host one of the greatest Artist ever. Andy Warhol. - at least spiritually.  

Who? What? I am talking ABSOLUTELY seriously. The revealing day of the new limited edition of ABSOLUT Vodka has come! (surely you already know what I am talking about, if not check previous post here). I am one of the few lucky people who got an invitation (jealous?) but the thing is, the host Andy Warhol was a little laconic and mysterious on its invitation. The only thing I know is that DJ Mighty Scoop is going to rock the decks and that white clothes are not the best choice.!! Vodka showers maybe???

Unfortunately because of the full-medical-student program, I cannot attend the event. But our own people will be there to have some fun and keep me&D updated for the details.

What is guaranteed is that flash, lights and cameras will POP from everywhere. 
Did I confuse you? Good. Keep that in mind and the mystery will be revealed really soon - I'll post pictures, PROMISE.


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