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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

How would you feel If you could take your very own Warhol home or even better create your own Warhol? Well, we've got news for you! Now you can! This crazy Absolut project (see latest post here) continues to surprise us with its fresh, innovative ideas and unlimited creativity. Two concepts were created, one for the all the nightlife lovers(or more simply put: party-animals) out there, the "Warhol Spirit by Absolut". And one for the Art-lovers, the "Andy Warhol Art Excange by Absolut" which invites people to join this super party and to create their own art.

1986. This was the year, that marked Absolut, by collaborating for the first time with an artist - not ANY artist- and creating an original artwork. Andy has always been a Vodka-lover, or to be more precise, an "Absolut"-lover which inspired him into creating art for his favourite drink. Following Andy's steps, thousands of cutting edge artists, such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois, Annie Liebovitz -  and more recently Spike Jonze, Swedish House Mafia and Icona Pop, have since put their own unique and artistic touch in collaborating with the brand.

  Andy made way for Keith Haring to create the second ad for the brandRevisiting this collaboration with Warhol, Absolut believes in this collaboration as a manifest to creativity and art. Let's not forget that the original Absolut Warhol painting is being displayed in a museum.

What more can we say about this collaboration? Only, that it simply doesn't stop to amaze us and one thing is for sure. You should definitely expect  to hear more from us! In the meantime, let's just go get wasted on works of art!

Enjoy responsibly,


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