The Absolut event

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We've been talking about it for weeks. The "it-Party" in Cyprus. The Absolut Party. And the description couldn't fit any better.

 Taking a look through the pictures made us realise how extraordinary the whole concept was. Entering the party, polaroid pictures of the guests were taken and were later found hanging around. There sure was a breeze of Warhol's era in the atmosphere. Colorful bright colors, whites strictly prohibited and what else? Our very own Warhol edition - Absolut. Yet another surprise was taking place in the event. Artist and Absolut ambassador Artemis Psathas, was putting the final touches to his piece, with the concept "It's all in our hands" . After all, it wouldn't have been a Warhol party without some mesmerizing art. And a lot of vodka, of course!

Having that said, a party is not a party if you don't have a little extra more fun! And as we had already mentioned, we could not attend the event - Duty calls! But our own people made sure we got all the extravagant vibes from the party!

And now, let's drink to the collaboration of the year: Andy X Absolut!

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  1. That looks so fun!!!! Great event.

  2. I love this place. Regardless of the time of your event, you always get the same thing: reasonable drink prices, great decoration, best summer party ideas & friendly staff.

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