Saturday, November 01, 2014

The basic t-shirt: Buy Now, Wear forever.
And if you know how to combine it right, "Wear it everywhere" completes my quote.
The damn truth has been spoken. Even if I am not basic-tshirt-friendly, I do own some which i picked up 'ingeniously'.

You think you know the reason I got that one from Max&Co. For the "Genius" thing. WRONG! (Besides everyone knows that I am a brain). So here is my tip of the day: A basic t-shirt with some sparkly details cannot only be worn with jeans and trousers for an everyday and usual look. Think different! My kind of inspiration for today, is the combo with a leather skirt and ...trainers.(AGAIN?) 

Eraklia x

Total Outfit : Max&CO from MaxiMa Boutiques Cyprus

Top - (here)
Skirt - (here) 
Shoes - (here) 

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  1. I'm very into slogan tees! Love how you styled this one with the midi skirt!


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