2014 in Photos!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31th. The day the most people look to the past, trying to see what went good and what did not. I will be grateful for all that the last year brought me: happiness for all the things that I gained, the new people I  met, the new paths I chose - even for the difficult moments that made me stronger and allowed me to appreciate all the good little things. I will never regret anything but the opposite.  

People talking about the 365 page of 2014's book. Today we are writing the closing and trying to find the balance. Tomorrow a new blank page of a brand new book is waiting to be written and every new blank page is a chance!

I love new years. No matter if the past year was good - everything has a closure. I don't believe in completely new starts. I am not the same person I was a year before but I am not a different one. We change by keeping the good and leaving the bad. 

Here is my photo-flashback from some outfits of 2014!
And now it's the time I wish you, HAPPY NEW YEAR! x

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