Comfort Zone

Monday, December 08, 2014

Sees sun, runs out the house. This is how I work. 
But the bipolar winter weather works kind of trickier: Sun-less sun-clouds-here comes the rain!
It's indeed time for parka in the sunny morning but in the evening it's damn icy cold. 

Bingo! Layering game is on. 
Firstly, there is nothing comfier than your favorite sweater - in my case white and V-Neck is equal to "I wanna wear you again and again". And then.. it's a choice between jacket, coat or parka. 
As I am trying to pick one up, I decide to leave the house with a WARM leather jacket (fur on the inside) AND my COSY parka. 
End of the game! and the winner is the one who thought out of the damn box.

Because speaking about clothes, the answer is NO, I am not ready to get out of my comfort zone!

Poncho: ZARA (here)
Leather Jacket : ZARA (similar here / other alternatives here & here)
Sweater : H & M (here)
Pants: True Religion (similar here)
Sneakers: Isabel Marant (similar here)

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