Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long time no heard. That happens when exams are out the door and you are still on vacay mood. Ok, I am finally done -but not for long- with my bone-breaking exams and I am trying to write the first post of this year. First thing: I need holidays again. And a lot of sleep.

Afterwards, Why does January last so long? I am ready (already) for Spring Season -even if I haven't worn my winter clothes yet. And then, it's Fashion-Week Period again. Meaning: I am gonna spend my days watching all the shows and streetstyles from..the internet. Crap! And finishing my monologue I come back to my point. I have a lot of stuff -meaning studying- until Spring. Then you can wake me up.
On the break: I have some photos from my holiday in Cyprus.

Au revoir I will be back sooon!

Coat: Topshop/ Trousers: Pavlina Evgeniou / Heels: Sante

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! The heels are so divine!


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