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Thursday, April 16, 2015

As a kid, I denied to go skiing with my family. My excuse was that I hated snow. I never said it out loud but the truth is that I was afraid of falling. 

My first Ski trip was a scary and at the same time a very exciting experience. I never believed I could overcome my fear of falling down and especially, manage to get up - even if I was in pain! 
But when you see 5 year old kids skiing down the hills like professionals and have the guts to go faster and faster, then you just have to try it. *No cowards accepted.

Except the adrenalin part, when you are surrounded from the white scenery, the only thing you can't help do is relaxing. At least it worked for me. The blue of sky combined with the white view, made me literally "forget the world" - of course good company played the most important role. It was like I was lost into a magic white story where everyone was having fun.  It may be that I am used to the sun and sea and sand. My kind of elixir. But that different kind of vacation, was like a new pleasant scent, that for a Mediterranean girl is not to be forgotten. 

Besides, Innsbruck is one of the prettiest places I've been:)
I highly recommend you to put it in your plans! 
Bisous x

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