Wednesday, April 08, 2015

When I am home, I always but always visit the old city. For many people may not be THE place to visit, but for me, is  a tradition. I cannot explain what exactly magnetizes me. It's a place that can affect me in many ways, relax me when I am hella stressed, refill my batteries with some good vibes. A fusion city, for a fusion girl.
-That's me being emotional. Period. -

Here are some photos taken with my phone, walking in the streets the city I was born, Nicosia.This beautiful yet chaotic city.

Untill the next destination! x

Sunglasses - Valley Eyewear (X-eyes-Shop) / Necklaces - MariaChara Jewlry / Leather Jacket -  ZARA / Dress - ZARA / Shoes - Isabel Marant

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