Sunday, May 10, 2015

This is how I am dressed the most of my life. Comfy jeans (I prefer the black than the blue-jeans), a t-shirt and a leather jacket. I guess at some point I started considering the look as boring, but after some time I really missed my simple, cool look.
Of course, details are part of the "party". I love layering and I am still learning how to do it right -trust me, it is not as easy as Leandra Medine makes it look like.

I got this long vest from "Weekday" some months ago, but never gave it a "go", maybe because it looks like my medical uniform. Still love it! Long vests in every colour (meaning black, white, grey and may some burgundy) is a great add to every wardrobe. And yaas, I left my favourite sneakers at home after a long time and replaced them with some Oxford shoes. 
Ps. I can't wait to wear my sandals again. 

The truth is that year by year my distance to colours becomes bigger and bigger but I kind of enjoy it. It's like being silent in a noisy crowd. 
Minimal does not mean insignificant. Instead, it's the most significant of them all. Every single detail counts on the monochromatic and neutral palette and every detail makes difference.

In the end, what colour you wear is the same, unless you like it . It is all about aesthetics. It doesn't matter what you wear, but how.

Leather - Zara/ Vest - Weekday/ Necklace - Choies/ Earrings - Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Trousers - Zara/ Shoes - Topshop / Sunglasses - Valley Eyewear (X-eyes Shop)

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