Thursday, June 25, 2015


Minimalism on its peak. Super basic cuts, total white looks and earthy tones - that was a bit challenging for Dell'Acqua, but (I guess) the live show was impressive.
Basketball like over sized t-shirts and shor,  not to forget the black hair-ribbon which completed every single look.
This collection is one of my favourites so far. Ps. I need those dungarees ASAP.


There is no much to say. My description may be out of the point or straight to it: "Grannys' style", feminine lines combined with some 70s vibes were mixing and matching styles and decades. Weird combo, different though. Definitely not for the "classic" boys out there. I found it interesting, but I am not sure if my boyfriend did!
Is it "a renewal of possibility" or the "New Punk" as claimed? Well, let's not over analyse it because I could review this collection like..forever. Love it or.. move on! 


An army dressed in pale pink and blue, white, suede and luxurious prints, "killed it" at Etro Show.
The collection was full of prints inspired from Australian Art, long V-necks and fine (but not too masculine) cuts.


Solarium went bad? This show was not very close to my personal taste but some pieces caught my attention. See: Neon Leather Shorts in pink, yellow and orange!!! DOPE! 
Now about the "whole concept" I just didn't like the "too much" and fusion styling - let me not say much about those fake shirt-tattoos but just a word: passé!
On the other hand, every piece separately could be worn by almost everyone and every style! I'm a bit confused and not really kn if I like oowr not this show. 
I really want to try those shoes!

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