Monday, July 06, 2015

Tick tack!
It's me back to the blog-sphere after some weeks of vacay. The one electronic device I take with me when on holiday is my iphone, so the only social media which has been a bit active was my Instagram.
For those who follow me, they know that I've been in beautiful Crete for a week! Photos coming soon:)

This last week and weekend was spend properly, as I was turning 22! HOORAY! 

So now, I am back to my normal routine. 
Cyprus is at the moment a "burning" place, so I go contra to high temperatures with some mini skirts, shirts and sunnies.

And I could not find better accessory for my eyes, from this blue BOOWOO sunglasses!
 Boowoo combines style and nature. Made of bamboo and wood,these sunnglasses are "stolen from nature". All products come to you by the hands of old-style artisans, so each pair is unique and one of a kind. No identical pair can be found! 

Find them on Facebook here or visit the official website and find the whole collection here !! 

Sunglasses - Boowoo/ Total look - ZARA/ Red Pendant - ID Creations

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