Absolut Electrik London

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Inspired by the latest limited edition bottle, Absolut had the most Electrik party in London. I was one of the lucky ones who attended the event and had the chance to enjoy the music of Moire, Leon Vynehall, Lone and Space Dimension Controller. 

The place was divided in three main rooms, a Secret bar and the Virtual reality room. The Electric Room brought to life all the vibes from the DJ-Box using some LED motion reactive projections creating a futuristic atmosphere. The Blue room was "the place to chill", decorated with some huge Electric bottles. Ps. The "Electrolyte" was the best coconut cocktail I've ever tasted. We wanted to try all the cocktails but that meant too much vodka! Finally, the main bar was located in the Silver room where we discovered some of the craziest drinks. See. COFFEE TONIC! Seriously that was the first coffee cocktail  I've ever tried and as a coffee lover I require the recipe. 
In the other rooms were some more experimental drinks with blue curacao, lime, pineapple.  We also had the chance to meet Rico Dynan, the man behind all the alcoholic drinks, maybe one of the coolest mixologists.
All these were part of a night full of energy: good vibes only! It was a crazy experience and I feel lucky and excited to be part of this kind of nights without boundaries.
Words can't describe this experience.  But pictures can! 

 I got my conclusion: This people know absolutely the best way make a party and transform the night from ordinary to extraordinary!  

Thank you Absolut team for having me. It was great to meet you all :)

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