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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hello, it's me.. (listening Adele on repeat). After the crazy Halloween weekend (find photos on my Instagram and Facebook page) my body needed a serious detox from the food and alcohol I consumed. So I decided to start an 'easy' 21-day-detox-challenge -no coffee, no alcohol, no unhealthy food. Day 1 was an epic failure. I started my morning drinking my lemon and honey water. I really tried not to drink any coffee but around 12.00 my body crushed down and begged me for a cup of it. 

We are on day 3 and I am at the moment coffee-free (no promises for the rest of the day!) and haven't eaten any pizza. I will keep you informed about the end of the story. 

Now, I will explain everything about this electric blue jacket. First thing you need to know: It's from Max and Co. The pictures are from my latest project with Maxima Boutiques in Cyprus and this is one from the outfits I choose from Max and Co latest collection! Ps. If you are looking for the "perfect-fit" here is the pair of jeans you were looking for.

Have a good day loves!


Max & Co Total Outfit

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  1. Loving that jacket, it just makes me happy to look at it! Good luck with the rest of your detox!


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