Saturday, January 23, 2016

End of January! Am I late to wish you Happy new year?
I've been missing from the blogsphere since last year but I have an excuse. Severe flu got me in bed for 2 weeks and a half! I couldn't even stand up and go from bed to the couch - in other case that would be a dream week for me to stay in bed all day, but in the end, it was really annoying and all this medication made me sleep all day.

After all I am back to my routine and I am healthy! Germany is cold and moody, I got a thousand of things to do and double so many pages to learn, I got practicals from 8.00am so I become grumpy the rest of the day but I am happy and motivated. 2016 stays pretty much the same for me - I was awesome already! 

Turtlenecks and chunky jumpers are still taking the most of the space in my wardrobe, I am still a black and grey fan, I seek for the comfiest of the looks. You can say it's my uniform. Every girl should have a uniform that chooses every time she has "nothing to wear", that makes her happier and boosts her self-confidence.
That's my kind of uniform: boxy knits, black jeans and sneakers!
What's yours?

Top: Glamorous
Bottom: Zara
Shoes: Isabel Marant 

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