Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happily, another semester of the medical school is over and I have some time for myself (+blogging) again. Yaaay!

My current post-exams mood involves me, trying to find out what pieces I need to put in my "holiday-suitcase" so it won't be overweight - again.

Struggling with this, I accidentally found this old dress from ZARA in my wardrobe.
I remember that I was looking like a desperate to find my size because the dress was sold out in most shops. I found it, bought it and left it in my wardrobe unworn and forgotten for a while.
Even if I loved it I always picked up something  else instead. I needed a plan!

Situation solved by a new idea:  Reclothing!!
As we say recycling? Same piece, new fresh way! It feels like you actually wearing something completely different. Trust me, it works.

Matching the dress with a loose see-through shirt and my rock-and-roll leather boots.
Did you like this look?
Let me know xx

Dress: ZARA
Boots: ZARA
Shirt: Cos
Sunglasses: LeSpecs

Ph. Natasa Constantinou

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