Friday, April 22, 2016

Sometimes it's not what you add in your outfit but what you take out. Talking about minimalism on looks and layering, there is one shop you should visit. Fashion BNKR is one of Australia's hottest online destinations and one of my favorite fashion affairs.

Thanks to the minimalistic approach of many designers, black, white, simple and "less" feels powerful.  Summer dresses layered over crop-tops, turtlenecks or t-shirts -the choices are limitless- serve the fresh side of the trend of minimalism.

On the other hand we may ended up too normcore. Indeed, plain clothes are a reliable choice but it's not a way to stand out. Basics are supposed to help us complete our looks but it seems that the new trend made us depended on basics.

I don't reject minimalism but I don't embrace it either. The trick of not looking like everyone else, is to make your own kind of statement, add your 'personal mark' and character to the looks. Hair, accessories, shoes, bags are good ways to easily slip boring to interesting.

My look had to be adapted to Spring and the transition of temperatures from high to low.
In that version of my minimal look I added a pop of color, probably because I didn't want to be another boring minimal figure on your screens. I hope I did well.

Now let me get offline for the YEEEEEEkend :) x

Dress - Fashion BNKR / Top - ZARA / Shoes - ZARA / Earrings - H & M

PS. Sending love to my photographer! <3 p="">

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