Touch of Mint

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In the winter months it's so hard to go out and photograph an outfit post. I've said it before and I am going to say it again: "Weather is every blogger worst enemy".
Not joking. Taking photos with your best smile on, posing and stuff is nearly impossible when you cannot event feel your nose or it's raining.
That's why I always have a Plan B. 
I shot these pictures the last time I was in Cyprus (see. an Island where the sun always shines and it's -almost- never cold for shooting outdoors). 
The background is perfectly coordinated with this mint heels I got from Flashback - the perfect pair of colorful heels to match with your monochrome looks, not too flashy or bold.
Don't forget the baby blue top and baby pink hat from Missguided. I love how the hat adds an urban sophistication to the look without making it boring because of the pink colour. 
Mixing three different colors may sounds tricky, but maybe not when all of them are pales and not too bold. 
Talking about this look, you can read my Interview and Feature on November Issue of Madame Figaro Cy. 
If not, you can find my feature clicking on here or on the Press.

Ph. NatasaConstantinou

Top - Missguided / Hat - Missguided / Heels - Flashback Nicosia / Jeans - Zara

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  1. Beautiful mint dress/Shirt :)

  2. Your look is so fresh and clean, I am hooked ! Great pics by the way.


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