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Monday, August 15, 2016

Three months of absence from the blogshere was my high score so far.

It was a busy period of my life, spending a lot of time at the campus, studying all day long and then, the exams. #anotheryearsamestory
But even with such a busy schedule, I was active on Instagram (@iama_f_unicorn) because you all know that Instagram is an addiction. (see: insta-stories)

Enough with the chit chat. My summer holidays have officially started and I am currently back in Cyprus. The transition from the study mood to the vacay mood was easy dizzy - duuuh. Everything is easier under the sun!

There are also those days I stay in the city, like the other day I took this photos. Messy hair, make-up free and a sleepy face, and embracing athleisure is my own version of 'Careless days'.
The sitution can be described in too words: TOO HOT. The reason for my half naked look.

The best part of my holiday is the days at the beach, laying under the sun - with sunscreen protection or not (because the perfect tan is goals). I still haven't perfected my ideal tan color but I am working on it.
But there is one thing I can't live without: My Hawkers!
I love the style and the lenses which protect my eyes during the sunny days!


Total look: zara
Watch: oozoo
Sunglasses: HAWKERS 

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