Pure Fall Perfection

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

As the Fall sceneries continue to make our lives look dreamy and magical, the temperature continues to cool off, approaching the 0 Degrees Celcius. Coats became an essential and the layering-game is on again. The perfect transition  piece is a beautifully-made statement coat, that can be combined with basic pieces and look outstanding, like this one from Max & Co. Finding the "right" coat, can make the whole outfit-game easier, as I just throw it on any outfit on the go.
Whether I wear it with heels or my favorite boots, it gives off a cool factor that is all I need to get into the "killing it" state of mind.
Mixing the black and grey prints with ... pink (wait what?) is giving a vividness to the whole look. Even that pink is not in my usual color palette,I admit it, I like seeing my self wearing it.
(Question of the day: Is it my idea or do I look cute-r in pink?)

Talking about PINK; I can't get enough of my glittery Lips and make-up made by Sotiris Lovaris.
It's the new HUGE makeup-trend and I love it. I wish I could walk around with those lips and kiss everyone. xoxo
And yourself?

Ps. I am so excited to show you our new work with Andreas Constantinou. Thank you for the amazing photos!


Total Look : Max & Co (Maxima Boutiques)


S. Lovaris

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