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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today we're talking makeup!

Right now I am addicted to HiCkap makeup products. Hickap is a Sweedish Brand and this is their first collection which is based on the idea of  "affordable products boosted with confidence and class!" 
I tried some of their products this past week and here are my thoughts on this brand and products:

The Hickap Brush Collection is the thing to add to your makeup routine. A pair of good quality brushes is the key for flawless makeup. Hickap Brushes are among the softest smoothest brushes I've tried. Ps. they are synthetic and PETA friendly.

My favorite product of all is the Caramel Blush, which it's small enough to fit into my purse so it's always there for some touch ups.

The Eyeshadow palette (has the coolest packaging) it's so pigmented and the creamy texture lasts all day long!
There are so many products I tried and loved from HiCKAP but I am going to close my post with all women favorite product: the red lipstic! Red carpet lipstic is a sweet bright red that can be worn day to night. What I like the most about it, it's that doesn't dry out my lips.

Find a list with all products here or check their website to discover more here!

 Hickap brush collection : here 
 Hickap Lip Pencil, Sour : here 
 Hickap Lip Pencil, Plum : here 
 Hickap Lip Pencil, Candy Apple : here
 Hickap Eyeshadow palette : here 
 Hickap Lipstick, Red carpet : here
 Hickap Matte bronzer, Warm Matte : here 
Hickap Blush, Passion : here 
Hickap Blush, Caramel : here 

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