Prince Charming

Friday, April 28, 2017

A must-have piece in every girls wardrobe is a white lace dress. Whatever the style is suitable for many occasions and especially on sunny Summer days. My personal favorite is from Sun-Day Boutique and it's one of the most chic dresses I bought for this Spring.

There are plenty of ways to wear it; Classy and chic - if you want to feel like a princess - or if not in the mood for fairytales, you can get in the ganster mode in just few seconds by adding some accessories and your favorite black ankle boots.
Because of my anti-princess nature, I choose to style it up with a printed bomber-jacket with sequins, adding an ethnic vibe to the girly look. 

I guess some girls are meant to wait for their Prince charming. Some other girls are their own Prince and others just chill with a cup of coffee thinking about the universe, stars and galaxies..or just about food.

Ps. I am really in love with our latest studio photoshooting!
Waiting for your opinions and comments about this look! 

Photography: Natasa Constantinou
Assistant: Andreas Constantinou 

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  1. the dress is beautiful and the jacket too.... love the pictures :)



  2. Amazing look :) Great photography :) Dress is so beautiful but the jacket is pure perfection :) Where is from your amazing jacket :)

  3. Your pictures are very nice. You are looking stunning in this dress, specially your jacket is beautiful:)
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