Tuesday, June 06, 2017

It's been a month since the last post and I actually hate that I can't write articles more often, but..exam fever it is.
Except that I have every day practicals at the clinical so my free time is limited - but I am not complaining. This Semester is one of my favorites so far that it makes me forget how tired I am when I get home plus the sleep deprivation.
Besides sun and the golden beaches are soon on the plan, as I am going to be back home for some weeks!

Talking about gold, I couldn't wait to show you this dress I found at Sunday Boutique.
Black is always a classy option - also you know i am a #teamblack girl- but gold adds an extra sparkle and a luxury look to the dress. Look at those details! And of course, off-shoulder dresses are a must-have piece for summer. 

Adding the hat to this look, it could be my actual Coachella outfit. nah?

Can't wait to show you more! Stay around x

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