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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

You have already found out that I love bar crawling. Don't worry if you are not 18+ you can still read this post because we are talking about the Beauty Bar Cyprus. (Maybe the only Bar that can 'serve' me exactly what I need without having a next-day-hangover.)

Especially during the summer months it's essential to keep my body and skin hydrated, so the first product I use is the Aloe Vera body lotion and Body Scrub. I try to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week in order to remove the oldest dead skin cells and keep my skin healthy.

For a deep cleansing facial I use a Dead Sea Peel-off-masque from Mineralium once a week - (who wants to have dirty pores? Not me!) and that's one of the best masks I've used lately!

Talking about summer and tanning, I always protect my face with sunscreen so I never get that natural bronzed skin. But, I don't worry for that either. Solar Glow from W7 combines a Bronzer, a Bronze Shimmer and a Highligter! (plus the package is awesome!)

Last but not least, my favorite product of them all: the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Oil.

Monoi Oil is a natural scented oil which is highly beneficial for both skin and hair. It moisturizes and soothes skin. It also helps heal past damage of skin and hair and prevent new ones. It can also stop protein loss in hair and stop breakage.

It smells amazing the whole day and my skin and hair are super smooth. How to use it? Just add a bit of Monoi Oil after a shower on wet skin or hair and ta taaa!

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