Denim Maxi Dress

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Living on a sunny island, one cannot feel any big difference between August and September. No big weather changes, the Sun is deadly shining - the only thing that actually changed is the date on my calendar and my Instagram feed being full of #helloseptember kind of posts. 
As a summerholic, I refused to get in that kind of mood so I kept on posting bikini and "salty hair, salty toes" photos. But deep inside my "fashion brain area", something changes every 1st of September. 
Like the day we were shooting this outfit. At first it didn't really cross my mind, but when I saw the photos, (which by the way I ADORE) something about the scenery and the way I choose to style the outfit, it reminded me of a smooth transition from a summer heat wave to a milder fall breeze. (woha how poetic)

The denim detail on this dress, stole my heart and made me say "yes to the dress". Styling it with my black fedora hat and a belt, it fitted perfectly to my "mixed feelings" mood - a bit of boho, a bit of rock and a lot of attitude. It's all in the details!

Oh and because you are all wondering: The dress is from Studio Quatro. (H E R E)

Let me know your comments about this look x

Ps.: I am super excited about the photos. Thanks to K. Amerikanos for the excellent work and the fun times.


Belt: Zara
Shoes: Sante

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