Friday, December 08, 2017

 Recently, while scrolling down my Instagram, I found out that there is a sequel of taking photos with buildings or wearhouses. Same goes with my new story, besides it features an abandoned house. 
Talking about abandoned, so was my little black blazer!

Blazers are a must-have this season, so I was looking for cool ways to wear mine as I am not a very preppy kind of a girl and the classic blazer-pants look isn't one of my to-go looks.

Wearing my (belted) blazer as a top is my favorite part of the look.
The glittery leggings and the statement chocker add bit of glam to the look, a more simple alternative would be a pair of jeans. 

What you think about this Reinvetion of my Black Blazer?

Blazer + Leggings - HM
Shoes - Sante

Photography: Natasa Constantinou

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  1. Beautiful blouse :)

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